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Daily Sneak Peeks

Day #1: “The Most Interesting Man In The World”

Hi, my name is Jennifer Miller, and I’ll be your host for the “1,000% Backdoor” Webinar with best-selling author and hedge fund manager, James Altucher. 

Let me first share with you some details about James…

Because it’s his unique, quirky, unconventional background that’s going to lead to you potentially making a fortune in the next 6 months of the year. Read more »

Day #2: True Story! I Turned $2k Into $10 Million!

For years, people have asked me, “James, how do I get started in choosing my way to wealth?”

It’s all based on one simple approach I like to describe as the “1,000% backdoor.”

This is something I’ve personally used to go from having almost zero in my bank account (and being totally desperate) to making $80,000 a month on average – and completely changing my life. Read more »

Day #2, Part 2: Why I’m Sharing My Secret With You

OK, to follow up on the last message I sent you...

If my “1,000% Backdoor” is so amazing… 

Why on earth would I share it with you? Why not just keep it for myself and make all the money? 

Here’s the thing... Read more »

Day #3: Q&A With James - “What are the best ideas to invest in right now?”

I recently sat down with James in an exclusive “sneak peak” Q&A session to ask him all my most burning questions. 

Here’s what James told me... Read more »

Day #4: Wow! Imagine this...

Boy, do I have something controversial to show you today! 

It involves one of you here on this list… a bathtub… a video camera… and one heck of a story about what you’d spend your $100,000 on! More on that shocking video in a moment. Read more »

Day #4, Part 2: My "Outrageous" 1,000% Guarantee

I make predictions that might seem outrageous… 

Like the time I went on CNBC’s Fast Money on July 25, 2007, and predicted Facebook (which was still private at a $1 billion value) would one day be a $100 billion company.

“You’re not serious, are you?” the anchor asked me. Read more »

Day #5: Our Hunting Grounds For Up To 1,000% Gains

You’ve been hearing all week about my “1000% Backdoor” and what it means for you…

But I have a confession to make…

I’ve been holding back one important piece of this secret… Read more »

Day #6, Part 1: Behind The Scenes (Plus a Free Gift From James!)

The cameras are set. 

The lighting is on. 

And James and I are gearing up for tomorrow’s breakthrough event, so today’s message will be short…  Read more »

Day #6, Part 2: Urgent Video From James Altucher

I recorded a personal video for you… 

It’s short. Just 30 seconds. 

And I want you to see it right now, before we go live with the “1,000% Backdoor” Webinar tomorrow at 1pm. Read more »