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Daily Sneak Peek

The “1,000% Backdoor” Webinar
Day #6, Part 1: Behind The Scenes
(Plus a Free Gift From James!)

Jennifer MillerHey, it’s Jennifer…  

The cameras are set. 

The lighting is on. 

And James and I are gearing up for tomorrow’s breakthrough event, so today’s message will be short… 

Behind the scenes

(Behind the scenes on the set of the breakthrough
1,000% Backdoor Webinar!) 

My goal today is simple -- I want to make sure you’re completely prepared to take advantage of everything James is about to share… 

Including his “outrageous” 1,000% guantanee. 

So here’s the deal… 

A) We go live tomorrow at 1pm. 

What you’ll see will be extremely limited. James is making an offer to give his best 10 “backdoor” ideas away to the first 2,000 people that respond.

Each idea has the real chance to see up to 1,000% gains. 

Considering that more than 20,000 people are receiving this message, I can’t guarantee spots will be available if you attend late. 

So… please… do your best to attend the event at 1pm.

B) To get the most out of James’ presentation… including how you could make up to 1,000% gains over and over again… 

Turning $1,000 into $10,000… 

Or $10,000 into $100,000… 

Then you must catch up on these sneak peeks we’ve been sending you. 

For ease, everything’s on the special webpage we set up for the historic event at: 


Day #1: “The Most Interesting Man In The World”

Day #2: True Story! I Turned $2k Into $10 Million!

Day #2, Part 2: Why I’m Sharing My Secret With You

Day #3: Q&A With James - “What are the best ideas to invest in right now?”

Day #4, Part 1: Wow! Imagine this…

Day #4, Part 2: My "Outrageous" 1,000% Guarantee

Day #5: Our Hunting Grounds For Up To 1,000% Gains

C) As a “thank you” gift for being so loyal, James asked me to send you a free gift… 

Here you go: 


It’s a free chapter of James’ new book, Reinvent Yourself! 

There’s no obligation to claim the book. No email address or credit card needed. Just a 100% free gift from James… to say thanks! 

D) We have questions about how James’ guarantee works, so I’ll repeat it again… 

*** Put simply, during the event James is willing to guarantee that you will see how to make 1,000% returns on your money before the end of 2017. *** 

E) Again, we go live tomorrow at 1pm! 

I know I’m repeating myself here, but this is absolutely critical… 

Tomorrow, around 10am, I’ll be sending you another reminder. 

Then, around noon, Eastern, I’ll send you the link to the event. 

You’ll want to be on your computer a few minutes early to make sure your connection works. 

Please make sure you’re in a quiet place. 

Please make sure your cell phone is off… your door is closed to your office… and you’re able to ignore any potential distractions. 

The presentation James has prepared should last around 90 minutes or so…

Believe me, you won’t want to miss what he has to say. He completely blew me away in our dry rehearsal we had… 

I’ve literally never heard anyone reveal the money-making strategies you’ll learn from James tomorrow. 

Okay, gotta run… 

I’ll talk to you tomorrow, shortly before the event begins… with your special access link! 

Super excited!


WHAT: The 1,000% Backdoor Webinar

WHEN: Tomorrow, 1pm Eastern! 

CATCH UP: www.OneThousandPercentBackdoorEvent.com

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