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The “1,000% Backdoor” Webinar
Day #5: Our Hunting Grounds For Up To 1,000% Gains

James AltucherYou’ve been hearing all week about my “1000% Backdoor” and what it means for you…

But I have a confession to make…

I’ve been holding back one important piece of this secret….

As you know, 1,000% gains don’t often come. 

They don’t come from big companies like Walmart or IBM. 

They don’t come from companies that don’t innovate. 

They come from the biggest and best new ideas... 

And there’s one very specific place in the entire world of public companies which has all these qualities… 

The microcap space. 

These microcaps are the key to making the 1,000% backdoor strategy work. And I’ve never talked about microcaps until now... 

In short, microcaps are the “missing piece” which allows us to grab huge, oversized returns using my Backdoor secret.

But what is a “microcap” anyway?

*** Here’s what a microcap is -- a super small, low-share-price stock.

I’m talking about smaller, entrepreneurial companies still in “start-up” stage... 

Some trading for less than a dollar a share…

Which means anyone can get started investing in them.

You don’t need a lot of money…

And you can buy in from your kitchen table, like I did when I turned nearly my last dollar into a $10 million fortune. 

I see microcaps as perfect vehicles to apply this “1,000% backdoor” philosophy…

Take this one that I found… 

Microcap Shot

This microcap shot up 135% in 36 days… enough to more than double your money in just over a month.

And the best part is, I hear about these types of “microcap backdoors” all the time… simply by tapping my network of contacts in the hedge fund world.

And we’re able to do this over and over again. 

This “microcap backdoor” to Silicon Valley is something I am doing right now… both in my personal investments, and to show a small group of people I’ve invited to discover it. 

In fact, I’ve followed the same hedge fund guy who told me about the microcap play I just showed you into a couple different opportunities over the years… and in each case I got out with about a 500% to 600% gain.

For me, it’s the ultimate investment approach…

By simply tapping my network of contacts in the hedge fund and venture capital world, I get to hear about the best investment opportunities in Silicon Valley and play each one through the ordinary stock market…

This is something you can do at home… 

Using nothing more than your computer and your online brokerage account. 

And starting with as little as $500. 

But I will warn you: These “backdoor” investments are extremely rare.

Yet if you can hear about these microcap investment opportunities early enough, the potential is huge. 

Take a look at some of the most lucrative opportunities I’ve come across…

Nexstar (NXST), a backdoor into a new form of TV broadcasting, went up 8,329%.

Air Transport (ATSG), a backdoor into a new way of package delivery, went up 4,873%.

And Starz (STRZA), a backdoor into a new form of video programming, went up an incredible 12,717%. 

As the old saying goes, ideas are a “dime a dozen”… especially in Silicon Valley.

That means I reject dozens of good ideas a week, ideas most Wall Street bankers would pay a fortune to hear about…

And now I’ve got a “top 10” list of sorts…

With the absolute best microcap stocks… all backdoors to Silicon Valley-style ideas…

That anyone can buy into starting right now.

From their kitchen table.

On Tuesday, when our webinar goes live, I’ll be sharing the details behind these 10 stocks. 

And I’ll be showing you a breakthrough new way to claim all my microcap backdoors.

So take out a pen… grab a post it note… and write down Tuesday 1pm. 

There will be a very strict limit of people I’ll be sharing these top 10 microcap backdoors with. More on that in a moment. 

First, let me be clear. 

You SHOULD NOT simply go out and buy every microcap you see. That’s a good way to go bust. 

You need to filter only the best ideas.

Let me show you how that works… (CONTINUED BELOW) 

The Power of “The 1,000% Backdoor”

Here’s what your fellow readers are saying they’d do with an extra $100,000… 

“I'd invest the money with the intention of being able to lose all of it as long as I got $50k worth of
learning/experience out of it…”


(Click pay to launch video) 

“renovate my coop and sell it and buy something small and simple in a neighborhood where we feel more comfortable. Save 30% of it…” ~ Whitney

“If I had an extra $100,000 I would like to "retire" to coaching college baseball. Why? So I can pass on my passion for life to these young men starting out their lives. Perhaps in this way by giving back I too shall receive…” ~ Randy

“I have been retired at 60 not voluntarily. I have become unemployable in many ways. I have three grandchildren, two after my "de facto" retirement. I would use my extra $100000 to help my struggling daughters to make it in NYC and Connecticut. I would like to learn more about investment more profitably so that I can be financially more independent. I would also like to share what I learned and I earned with those who are less fortunate than I am” ~ reader from Chattanooga

The Filter That Rejects 99 of Every 100 Ideas

As I told you earlier, my network is my most valuable asset… and has allowed me to create and refine an investment secret that could make you tens of thousands of dollars, no matter what your background. 

But even after my connections confirm for me that the opportunity is a “big idea”…

I still run all opportunities through a filtering system that makes sure this “microcap backdoor”...

  • Is in a good trend…
  • Has cash and assets with no debt…
  • Has insider buying and ownership…
  • Has small hedge funds buying it up…
  • Has no weird financings whatsoever…
  • Has a founder who has done it before…

And of course…

Has huge potential market – a backdoor to a true "big idea"...

When you find these things, you buy in cheap, and cash out when everyone else has heard about the idea. 

That’s how you win big, like these… 

Buy #1

And this… 

Buy #2

And this… 

Buy #3

The gains from this secret “backdoor” strategy go on and on… 

328% gain on Altria (MO)
203% gain on American States Water (AWR)
693% gain on Apple (AAPL)
468% gain on Autoliv (ALV)
133% gain on Barnes Group (B)
337% gain on Brookfield Asset Management (BAM)
700% gain on Cigna (CI)
261% gain on Copart (CPRT)
445% gain on Cynosure (CYNO)
341% gain on Disney (DIS)
381% gain on Equifax (EFX)
346% gain on Google (GOOG)
202% gain on Grainger (GWW)
598% gain on Herbalife (HLF)
177% gain on Hershey (HSY)
411% gain on Indexx Labs (IDXX)
1,579% gain on Iridex (IRIX)
263% gain on iRobot (IRBT)
146% gain on Johnson Controls (JCI)
246% gain on JM Sucker (SJM)
603% gain on Las Vegas Sands (LVS)
174% gain on Luxottica (LUX)
218% gain on Markel (MKL)
162% gain on Pentair (PNR)
251% gain on ResMed (RMD)
360% gain on Taser International (TASR)
149% gain on Tiffany (TIF)
338% gain on Universal Electronics (UEIC)
348% gain on Vascular Solutions (VASC)
146% gain on VMWare (VMW)
1,078% gain on Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR)

In just the past year alone, I’ve posted the details of my favorite investment opportunities for folks around the world… with results I’m very proud of.

Subscriber Oliver P. send me a snapshot of his brokerage account, where he’d made over $7,000 on one of my recommendations.


Don C. writes: “I’m up $21,000.”

And one gentleman (with $5 million in investable assets) sent me a thank-you note after getting into a 10-bagger I’d recommended. 

Now I just finished a huge project…

I’ve detailed everything about this backdoor approach... and how to begin using it yourself, starting right now, with just a few minutes of effort at your kitchen table.

I put it all into an easy-to-digest package called The Secret of the 1,000% Backdoor.

Inside you’ll find…

The “backdoor” secret to venture capital investing… using public companies available in the stock market.

How to make 5 to 10 times your money on the biggest ideas in America, without touching Silicon Valley.

Plus, I’ll tell you the exact strategy I’ve previously used to buy stocks for pennies… then sell them overnight for $1 or $2 a share.

I really encourage anyone watching this to look at my report. You’ll see exactly what I do. And how I do it. 

I’ve also got a second report for you… 

While The 1,000% Backdoor report gives you the strategy behind how it all works… you need the specific recommendations, too. 

That’s where this second report comes in.

It’s called 10 Ways to Profit From Silicon Valley’s Hottest Ideas.

This is where I’ll give you all the details on the top 10 “backdoor” plays you can make right now…

I’ll reveal everything on Tuesday’s webinar at 1pm. 

I want you, the everyday American, to have the exact same advantages that Silicon Valley investors enjoy, including the chance to build incredible wealth. 

That’s why I’ve decided to “go public” with everything on Tuesday. 

Stay tuned… 


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