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Montel and Ray want to hear from you:

What would YOU do with the money you could make from a pot stock explosion?

Tell us in the box below... we’ll read every one — and your response might be read live on air!


Day One Coming Soon!

Day #1 - Marijuana’s Tipping Point

Hello! Ray Blanco here.

Montel and I are glad you’re on board to watch our live broadcast coming up on election night, this coming Tuesday, November 6.

Remember, we go live right at 8:00 pm Eastern time.

You’ll get a link to your email well ahead of time so you can make sure you’re ready to go before the show begins!

Today, I want to share the stories of Stan, Allan, Bruce, Norman, and Nancy.

Real folks. Real stories. Real goals…

Election Night’s A Week Away

Hello there, Ray Blanco again!

Here’s the follow-up message I promised you earlier today…

First, in Montel’s message earlier (you can see it by clicking here) he reported on a small handful of the stories we’ve received from folks just like you.

People have been writing to us in droves, telling us what they’d do with fortunes made from fast-moving pot stocks. Read more ››

Day Two Coming Soon!

Day #2 - Ray’s biggest pot stock winners so far…

Hello there, it’s Ray Blanco again!

Election Day’s another day closer – legal marijuana’s tipping point on Tues. November 6th promises to change the fortunes of select companies in the marijuana business.

That’s what I’m researching day and night right now, and have been for the last two years…

… How regular Americans (LIKE YOU) can make huge gains from the fastest-moving pot stocks. Read more ››

What Would You Do With Gains From Pot Stocks?

Hello there, it’s Ray. I’ll be quick… you need to see this…

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is coming around on the idea of medical cannabis.

And a recent poll put approval for medical marijuana at a staggering 93%.

The medical implications of cannabis are vast.

Nearly any affliction or ailment you can name, marijuana-derived compounds like CBD have  potential benefit. Read more ››

Day Three Coming Soon!

Day #3 - YOUR Cannabis Stories…

Hi there, it’s Ray Blanco.

First off, thanks for responding to Montel yesterday!

How marijuana has impacted your life, what you’d do with gains from fast-moving pot stocks, even the benefits you’ve seen from medical use… THANK YOU for all the responses.

Montel’s out with another video message today – sharing YOUR marijuana stories. CLICK HERE now to watch it.

Day Four Coming Soon!

Day #4 - Is Canopy a Buy?

Hi, Ray here. I’ll keep today’s update brief.

First, some news. Back on October 19, Jim Cramer said on CNBC, “now is the time to buy Canopy.” As much as I respect him, I disagree with Jim on this one. Read more ››

Day Five Coming Soon!

Day #5 - Five Commandments of Pot Stock Investing

Hello there again, it’s Ray.

Tuesday night at 8:00 p.m. Eastern, Montel Williams and I go live with Election Night 2018: Legal Marijuana’s Tipping Point Moment.

LIVE… as the election results come in… we’ll cover all the biggest news and stories that’ll move pot stocks starting Wednesday morning.

And I’ll talk about my THREE favorite, absolute must-have pot stocks for first thing Wednesday when the markets open!

Now here’s the thing: You can’t buy pot stocks (or any other stocks) willy nilly.

You need a set of rules – guidelines – that help you buy the best stocks and book the biggest potential gains.

That’s why in today’s update, I share my Five Commandments of Pot Stock Investing. Read more ››

Day Six Coming Soon!

Day #6 - Your Marijuana Stories

Marijuana stock gains, according to Lynn, would go to “pay off my house mortgage, donate money to my church as well as money for cancer research…”

Thank you, Lynn.

Steve M. would “put money away for retirement and to live on…”

Marvin J. said he would “start a way to help food banks in Ohio.”

Marvin, it’s my mission to help you achieve this goal.

Read more stories ››

Day Seven Coming Soon!

Day #7 - Incredible Pot Stock Gains on Tap…

Hello again, Ray Blanco here.

In the past 18 months, we’ve seen pot stocks shoot up 1,481%, 6,353%, even a rare and incredible 19,305%.

That last one, (again, a rare case for sure), would’ve turned just $500 into $97,025.

That’s crazy growth… and it’s exactly the kind of price explosions we could see again starting Wednesday, Nov. 7, after Election Day. Read more ››

Day Eight Coming Soon!

Day #8 - This Could Be Your Most Profitable Night Ever

Montel Williams and I go live at 8:00 p.m. Eastern tonight…

Election Night 2018: Legal Marijuana’s Tipping Point Moment will show you how between tonight and tomorrow, more new “marijuana millionaires” could be minted than any other day in history.

As you’ll see, the 1,481%, 6,353%, even the incredible 19,305% gains pot stocks have returned could be just the tip of the iceberg compared to the gains that roll in starting tomorrow. Read more ››

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