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Day #4 - Is Canopy a Buy?

Hi, Ray here. I’ll keep today’s update brief.

First, some news. Back on October 19, Jim Cramer said on CNBC, “now is the time to buy Canopy.” As much as I respect him, I disagree with Jim on this one.

A good time to buy Canopy Growth Corp. (NYSE: CGC) was a back in January of this year, around $30 a share.

Even better, I recommended my readers buy CGC last fall, under $10 a share. I recommended selling it, actually, a day before Cramer said buy.

And my readers could’ve walked away with total gains as high as 404%.

Like anything else, being early beats being late. That’s why on election night, I’ll tell you about my three favorite marijuana plays  for the next wave of the story – the wave that starts the day after election day.

Being early is how you could book 404% gains, or more.

That’s how you turn small starting stakes into the chance at huge fortunes.

The video update I made for you today, in fact, shows what you had to say about pot stock fortunes.

Don G. told me he’s already made over $20,000.

Dean M. said he’s made more than $50,000.

Mike F. said he’d take pot stock wins… and buy more pot stocks. Good thinking, Mike!

Click below to see today’s update.


And remember, Montel and I go live at 8:00 p.m. Eastern on election night, coming up on Tuesday.

Be ready! We’ve got a lot to cover and I’ll excited to share details on my three favorite pot stocks for Wednesday morning.

Have a great weekend!

To a bright future,

Ray Blanco

PS – One more thing. I also put up a new special report for you today at our website. It’s about the myths and misconceptions that hold some people back from making profits with pot stocks.

It’s a must read. It shows you the FACTS about marijuana investing, and clears away all the cobwebs. Click here to get your report now.