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Day #6 - Your Marijuana Stories

Lynn C. said it best.

Marijuana stock gains, according to Lynn, would go to “pay off my house mortgage, donate money to my church as well as money for cancer research…”

Thank you, Lynn.

Steve M. would “put money away for retirement and to live on…”

Marvin J. said he would “start a way to help food banks in Ohio.”

Marvin, it’s my mission to help you achieve this goal.

William G. wants to “retire comfortably and provide a small inheritance for my daughters.”

William, I’m doing everything I can to help you make it a large inheritance, not a small one.

Duane C. would “Buy pot to help my son with his pain he has that he received serving in the Marine Corps.”

Eric P. says he’d like to “… move to Puerto Rico. Sail around the islands with a Harley on board and do lots of fishing.”

Eric, sounds like a great idea!

Paul L. told us, “Pot is the main reason I am walking today. I broke my right leg in about 30 pieces. Was in surgery for 4 hours reconstructing the bones.”

Paul, I have stacks of stories just like yours. Marijuana is medicine, no doubt. Your story’s an inspiration.

The letters go on and on, folks.

What would you do with huge gains from pot stocks?

Dream big. Let your imagination go!

What has marijuana done for you?

It has helped you and those you love live happier, more mobile and pain-free lives. It has also, in many cases, made you great gains in the market.

That’s what we’ll cover coming up on Tuesday night starting at 8:00 p.m. Eastern.

All the best ideas, the best stocks – everything you need to know as the election results come in so you have a shot at the biggest fortunes first thing Wednesday morning.

Paul Y. even challenged me in his letter. Paul said, “Let’s make $1 million+ to pay off my home, all of my debt, and live a good life in retirement.”

That’s the idea, Paul.

See you at 8:00 pm Eastern on Tuesday. Montel and I are excited to have you join us.

To a bright future,

Ray Blanco