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Day #1 - Marijuana’s Tipping Point

Hello! Ray Blanco here.

Montel and I are glad you’re on board to watch our live broadcast coming up on election night, this coming Tuesday, November 6.

Remember, we go live right at 8:00 pm Eastern time.

You’ll get a link to your email well ahead of time so you can make sure you’re ready to go before the show begins!

Today, I want to share the stories of Stan, Allan, Bruce, Norman, and Nancy.

Real folks. Real stories. Real goals…

… That legal marijuana stock gains could help make come true.

Actually, Emmy Award winning TV host Montel Williams, my co-host for our election night broadcast, wants to share their stories.

Cannabis is changing lives – both in health benefits and in financial terms – all over America.

The stories Montel shares with you if you click below… provide all the proof.

Make no mistake, folks.

Marijuana’s tipping point moment – major, widespread mainstream awareness and wealth explosion potential – is just about here.

It all kicks off on election night – this coming Tuesday, November 6.

Click below now to see Montel’s first message, sharing the dreams of Americans just like you who can’t wait for election night.


Also – this is important – I’ll be back again later today with a video message of my own fully introducing myself… and a free download for you, telling you all about my experience and track record in the legal marijuana markets.

Thanks for reading! I’m glad you’re on board!

See you on election night!

To a bright future,

Ray Blanco

Election Night’s A Week Away

Hello there, Ray Blanco again!

Here’s the follow-up message I promised you earlier today…

First, in Montel’s message earlier (you can see it by clicking here) he reported on a small handful of the stories we’ve received from folks just like you.

People have been writing to us in droves, telling us what they’d do with fortunes made from fast-moving pot stocks.

✓ On election night, during our live broadcast, I’ll discuss my THREE favorite pot stock opportunities based on the election results…

✓ … that you can buy first thing when the markets open on Wednesday.

All three of these stocks could shoot up on positive election results. In fact, these stocks have so much potential, even an unexpected dud at the polls might not slow them down.

No, I’m not asking you to take that claim on faith.

I know you might not be familiar with my work or my long history researching and reporting on tech, biotech, and cannabis stocks.

That’s why I made this special report showing you my experience and credentials.

Plus, I also recorded a special video message introducing myself, some of the biggest pot stock gains I’ve tracked, as well as revealing what Montel and I plan to cover on election night.

I’m giving you all this information now… because I want to make 110% certain you’re up to speed and ready to go come election night.

The results could come in fast and furious.

The biggest gain chances will favor those who are most prepared.

They’ll favor you, in other words!

Click below to see the video message I made for you and download your first special report.


Tomorrow I’ll be in touch with another message from Montel – about his own cannabis experience based on his MS diagnosis.

And remember – on election night – a week from today, Tuesday November 6, we go live right at 8:00 pm Eastern.

Mark your calendar!

The show kicks off right at 8:00 pm, as the first results start to roll in.

It’s going to be fun, action-packed, and could be the most important night ever for your financial future…

We’ll talk again tomorrow,

Ray Blanco