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Day #2 - Ray’s biggest pot stock winners so far…

Hello there, it’s Ray Blanco again!

Election Day’s another day closer – legal marijuana’s tipping point on Tues. November 6th promises to change the fortunes of select companies in the marijuana business.

That’s what I’m researching day and night right now, and have been for the last two years…

… How regular Americans (LIKE YOU) can make huge gains from the fastest-moving pot stocks.

I have a track record of delivering gain chances from the best pot stocks. Click below to see a video message I made detailing some of my best pot stock wins.

They’re just the start, however, compared to the gain chances I’m tracking coming up for the day after election day!

That’s why your attendance is so important on Tuesday coming up…

Starting right at 8:00 pm Eastern on election night, co-host Montel Williams and I will go live to cover all the marijuana-related vote results as they come in.

The details behind the biggest opportunities… all the fastest gain chances… you’ll get it all on election night starting right at 8:00 pm Eastern.

Click below now to see my video message on my biggest pot stock wins… there’s great lessons in this video – to get you ready for the election night pot stock bonanza!


I’ll be back later today with another video message from Montel Williams. This time, he wants to ask YOU about your experiences with marijuana.

I’ll also have a free bonus report for you later today on the promise of medical marijuana.

Spoiler alert: The secret’s out. Marijuana is medicine.

More soon. Have a great day!

And see you on election night at 8:00 pm Eastern when Montel and I go live with our Legal Marijuana’s Tipping Point Moment one-night-only broadcast.

To a bright future,

Ray Blanco

What Would You Do With Gains From Pot Stocks?

Hello there, it’s Ray. I’ll be quick… you need to see this…

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is coming around on the idea of medical cannabis.

And a recent poll put approval for medical marijuana at a staggering 93%.

The medical implications of cannabis are vast.

Nearly any affliction or ailment you can name, marijuana-derived compounds like CBD have  potential benefit.

My co-host for our election night live show, Montel Williams, is no stranger to marijuana’s medical benefits. He has MS, and has advocated for responsible marijuana use for years.

Today, he wants to hear your experiences with medical marijuana. How it’s positively impacted your life. Even what you’d do with gains from pot stocks… you name it.

Click below to watch a special video message from Montel and then reply to him with your story.


Montel and Ray want to hear from you:

Tell us in the box below... we’ll read every one — and your response might be read live on air!


We’ll be posting and commenting on your responses in the days ahead – leading up to the show going live at 8:00 pm on election day!

Oh, I also posted a new report on medical marijuana for you at our special website.

You can access your report and watch Montel’s video right now – just click above.

I’ll be back again tomorrow with more updates.

See you on election night – remember, Montel and I go live right at 8:00 pm Eastern.

You’ll get a special link sent to your email before the show’s about to start.

Thanks for reading!

To a bright future,

Ray Blanco