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Surviving and Thriving During the Global Pandemic, Part 13

Featuring Dr. John Hunt


For all of written history gold has provided a bulwark against contagion in the markets. Ever since trading began, one asset has remained a store of value. As we enter this “unprecedented” epoch in our history, using gold could be the only way to save your portfolio.

Hands down the best way to buy, sell and trade gold today is with an account from…

The Hard Assets Alliance

It’s easy to set up. Easy to use. And best: the setup is free of charge.

We say this with as much urgency as we can muster. Open an account and put a portion of your assets in gold.

Yes, gold -- the one asset used to store value for thousands of years. This pandemic is downright biblical, so you need an asset that has passed the test of time since before the bible was even written.

The Hard Assets Alliance has a state-of-the-art trading platform where you can buy and sell fully allocated gold bullion. You can buy, sell and trade silver and other precious metals too.

Their fees are low, so you get your lion’s share of the profits when you sell.

And better yet, at the point of purchase, Hard Assets Alliance allows you to either take delivery, or… get this…

You can store your metals in one of six different vaults around the world.

New York and Salt Lake City here in the US or you can also store your gold outside the United States in ultra-secure offshore vaults in London, Singapore and Australia.

Opening an account is secure, and it takes just 9 minutes to go from opening an account to funding to buy your gold and silver.

In 20 years of business, we’ve come across many gold companies that want us to put their products in front of you.

Many of them promised us huge commissions. Translation, that meant huge markups for you.

We have consistently said no.

Instead, we did the hard work on your behalf… finding the best way to buy, sell and store gold… in an easy platform… with super low costs.

We found all of that – and more – in Hard Assets Alliance platform.

We liked it so much, in fact, that we bought a stake in it.

So, while we’re providing you with an easy way to vaccinate your portfolio today, you should also assume we’re going to benefit from increased trading activity.

Your family and your financial health is too important to procrastinate.

Get started here.