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Clear Your Schedule, Tomorrow Is the BIG Day

Clear your schedule.

Because tomorrow precisely at 1 p.m. EDT, our senior analyst, Alan Knuckman, will reveal everything about a patent-pending investment tool. This could change the way you look at investing forever.

As far as I know, it’s the ONLY indicator in the world that can tip you off about impending big market news…

BEFORE the news becomes “public.”

Giving you the chance to collect $5,290… $10,200... and even as much as $35,700… in 7 days or less, on average

And do it over and over and over again.

I know that sounds crazy.

But this has been verified in our back testing.

And just a few days ago, you could have used this tool to make $7,140… in just 4 days.

Let me show you what happened with shares of data storage provider Nimble Storage Inc.

Earlier this year, on March 7, Hewlett Packard announced it would buy the company for $1.09 billion.

Because this was a surprise to everyone, once the news hit the public, shares instantly skyrocketed.

I mean, shares jumped from $8.62 to $12.50… creating a “gap” in the chart. Take a look…

Nible Storage, Inc chart

Simply put, if you wanted to catch that big move… you had to be in the trade BEFORE the news hit the public.

But how could you have known an acquisition was about to be announced?

There’s no way for regular folks like you and me to know, right?

Only the company insiders knew that kind of information.

Now, watch what happened on March 3… 4 full days BEFORE the announcement was made.

Nimble Storate Inc. chart 2

This patent-pending tool registered a spike!

Again, this happened 4 days BEFORE the public knew about the acquisition.

And had you invested just $1,000, you could have cashed out with $7,140… just 4 days later!

Isn’t that incredible?

Imagine investing $1,000 on a Friday… and cashing out with more than seven times more money on the following Tuesday!

Now, like I mentioned in previous emails…

These types of “7-Day Fortunes” are only possible because of a brand-new financial instrument…

It’s a new instrument that started as a pilot research program back in 2005 in Chicago.

Most people don’t even know this is available… RIGHT NOW.

Open your e-mail tomorrow a 1 p.m. EDT, and you’ll see exactly how they work.

Don’t Risk Missing Out! Check Your Inbox Tomorrow Precisely at 1 p.m. EDT

Look for my email with the subject line “Here's Your EXCLUSIVE Broadcast Link...”

After that, you’ll never look at investment income the same way again.

Talk to you tomorrow…


Brian Maher
Managing Editor, The Daily Reckoning

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