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Daily Sneak Peeks

Day #1: An Important Change to Our Business

Hi, I’m Joe Schriefer, publisher here at Agora Financial.

And I have an important announcement about our business.

We’ve just signed a licensing agreement that I expect to send shockwaves across the financial industry…

But more important, this agreement could have a HUGE impact on your retirement.

In fact, this is the biggest breakthrough in our company’s 30-year history.

Let me explain… Read more››

Day #2: You’re Right! The Game Is Rigged!

Hi, Alan Knuckman here.

What I’m about to tell you might piss you off…

But I think it’s important you understand how the game is rigged. Read more››

Day #3: $4,120… in 7 trading days!

Yesterday I told you about how this tool has already stunned a few of my coworkers.

Here’s what happened…

A few weeks ago this patent-pending tool flashed on my screen… pointing to shares of Coca-Cola.

There was nothing going on with the company.

But I saw this spike on my screen… Read more››

Day #4: The Results Are In!

Like I mentioned in yesterday’s email, a small group of 432 beta testers already had a chance to put this tool to the test.

That means this isn’t just a theory…

Or something that has just been “back tested.”

This is a real tool…

That has been used in real life…

By real people just like you.

And there were dozens of “thank you” notes from those beta testers…Read more››

Day #5: Tomorrow Is the BIG Day

Clear your schedule.

Because tomorrow precisely at 1 p.m. EDT, I will reveal everything about this patent-pending investment tool.

As far as I know, it’s the ONLY indicator in the world that can tip you off about impending big market news…

BEFORE the news becomes public. Read more››

P.S. And, in the meantime, I’ve got a quick favor to ask…

You see, I’ve worked in the markets for my entire professional career, I’ve seen BIG money trade hands and I’ve see fortunes made…sometimes in hours… (you wouldn’t believe some of the houses and yachts that “market money” can buy.)

But, more importantly for Wednesday’s Event, I’d love to know your story…

What would you do if you could make a small fortune every week?

For simplicity’s sake, let’s say you could pull in an extra $3,500 per week.

What would you do with an extra $182,000 per year?

Would you finally have the money to buy the retirement house of your dreams and kick back? Maybe pay off debt and finally get on with living the life you and your family deserve?

Would you buy a fancy new car? Or just Uber everywhere?

Would you travel the world in style? Staying in full-service hotels with limo service to nearby attractions to cross off your bucket list?

Or, maybe, along with enjoying some of life’s finer things you’d also put half of that money away for safekeeping?

Whatever it is…

I want you to tell me.

The more details, the better. And don’t worry, there’s no right answer.


Your response is super important to me. And incredibly motivating for my mission, here. So please, let me know right away!

Watch your email tomorrow for a special email from me… in the next few days I’m going to blow the lid off of this HUGE opportunity for everyday folks like you…

P.P.S. Each day leading up to the event I'll be sharing more and more about this patent-pending tool...and your chance at “7-Day Fortunes.”

I'll tell you more about who I am...

How I uncovered this breakthrough…

And how a few regular folks like you are already collecting BIG paychecks every week using this tool.

Bookmark this page! Come back everyday and you'll find new and exciting news.