The 42-Day Retirememnt Window
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Day #1:
Your Retirement Plan Changes On April 5th

Hello, I’m Alan Knuckman.

If you’ve seen me on CNBC…Bloomberg… Fox News…

Or if you subscribe to my daily market letter The Dollar Trade Club

You know what I feel about the markets.

But you don’t know this…

What I am about to tell you angers me more than anything... Read more ››

Day #2: Make $7,500 In A Week?

Yesterday, I told you how a few of my colleagues didn’t believe me that it was possible to retire during this window…

They also highly doubted these dates were predictable.

So I sent through an email…

And here is what I showed them…

Day 3: The Beta-Testers’ Shocking Results
[Time stamp: 11:00 4-3-2018]

I mentioned I had developed a strategy to pinpoint profit explosions during the retirement window.

But for me to be 100% confident, I needed to see that this type of research worked for regular folks.

So I found a secret group of beta testers who had “test-driven” this part of my strategy.

And they wrote in to share their results.

Many of which are quite incredible…

What that means is…

Day #4:Pls Confirm Your Reservation, Tomorrow Is the Big Day

I hope you are ready.

Because starting tomorrow, at precisely 1 p.m. EDT, I am going to reveal everything you need to know about the most lucrative window in stock market history.

Yesterday I told you about a system that predicts when these windows open with 100% accuracy due to an obscure SEC regulation…

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Day #5: Before you get breakfast…

Today is the big day.

In just a few short hours I’ll reveal the biggest breakthrough of our company’s 30-year history…

The most profitable window in stock market history is about to open…

Giving you the chance to turn a small sum into $225,189 in just 42 days.

Tune in Today at 1 p.m. EDT

I will send you a private email with the subject line “URGENT: Here’s Your NEWSROOM Broadcast Link!”

You’ll discover…